JAIIB exam recollected 04 November 2018 

JAIIB exam recollected 04 November 2018 

           1.Two questions on Basel 2 and 3 … each 2 marks question

2. NEFT and RTGS details for 4questions

3.Can you accept it with as NEFT or RTGS or vice versa

  1. Sections are asked from NI Act  around 6 questions
    5.PMDJY – 3Qtns
    6.A has dream cheque at Delhi, and sent for clearing to bank Y where he has his AC, it was returned due to insufficient funds
    Which Court A can approach
    A resident location
    Y Bank
    7.Mandate holder features in two questions
    8.Can Two minors open a Joint AC?
    9.LC issued for 10 lakh, at the time payment it was found in the bills mentioned as 10.90.. can it be acceptable or not   Answer Accept
    10.Use of DRS system to CBS
    11.Matching of
    Set off
    withRights of Physical propertyFD created before maturity of loan
    12.Where as ASBA can be used
    13.One qtsn Selective Credit Control.
    Asked to find out which is not a feature of SCC
    14.No of Cycle of a Product
    15.Stages of Product   ..4
    16.What’s your reason while accept/not to accept to provide an acknowledgement for Loan request
    17.Electronics chq is defined under sec…
    18.Sec 6 ni act
    19.Which asset cannot assign for loan?
    Book Dept
    Share certificate
    Copy rights**
    20.Minimum credit rating of company for issue CP should be _
    21.Asset of mutual fund are held by
    22.Corporate security dealt with  __market    money market
    23.Codes which are withdrawn by RBI?

    24.Question related to bcsbi was there..
    25.Which one is stamp duty
    Bill purchase
    Bank guarantee**
    Bill discounting

    26.A partner acts as agent of firm is called______
    27.In call money what% can commercial bank take an advance?125
    28.Electronic cheque is defined in section 6

    29.Under LRS resident can remit______
    30.. Servuction means what,
    31. Pull strategy pull means demand, supply, price, quality.
    32. Who introduces NEFT.
    34. in joint account nominee is their A expired in that what you will do.
    35. Kotler  marketing defination.


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