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JAIIB General Banking important points in short

Indian rupee
1. A customer Mr Sharma had credit balance 40,000 in his saving ac and also had an OD ac with
overdue Debit balance of 20,000.Bank debits his saving account and adjusts OD ac. The bank is
said to have exercised Right of: Set-off
2. A Minor has extended Guarantee to a loan. It can be ratified by whom? It cannot be ratified by
any one.
3. A savings account becomes inoperative when it not operated for: 2 years
4. A term deposit of a HUF has become due. At the time of renewal, the Karta of HUF informs that
he has become Senior Citizen. What rate of interest will be given on term deposit? : Normal
interest rate. No benefit of senior citizen to be given
5. Additional interest is paid to senior citizens on which time FD: All fixed deposits (may vary from
bank to bank)
6. After Nomination in an account, what is the status of the nominee?: Trustee of legal heirs
7. An account of a customer can be closed in normal course on the request of the customer.
What are the other methods for closing account of a customer – (a) By negotiation; (b) As per
provisions of law; (c) After notice to customer in respect of undesirable accounts: Ans is C
8. An Illiterate person is generally not allowed to open which account – saving, term deposit,
recurring deposit, small account, Current Account: Current account.
9. As per RBI guidelines, Demand draft of Rs 50,000 and above should be issued against : by debit
to account but not against cash
10. As per RBI guidelines, minimum amount of deposit to open BSBDA account is: NIL
11. As per Sukanya Samridhi Account (SSA) the tenure of deposit is for years from the date of
opening of the account: 21 years
12. Bank is not required to produce original book of records but true copy can be submitted when
court has demanded as per which act? a) Civil procedure code b) Registration act c) B.R. Act d)
RBI act e) Banker Books Evidence Act.
13. Banker Customer relationship for deposits is ____: Debtor – Creditor.
14. Banker customer relationship in Safe Custody: Bailee Bailor.
15. Banker customer relationship in standing instruction: Agent – Principal
16. Bankers prefer Saving Deposits than Term deposits. Why?: Because cost of deposits for SB is
17. Banks can decide interest rates of NRI, NRO or Term Deposits: Yes
18. Banks can raise what type of deposits?: Term and Demand Deposits
19. Banks should have the responsibility of currency management entrusted to a nodal official of the
rank not less than that of a General Manager and will be accountable for the obligations cast
upon currency chests by the Reserve Bank.
20. BC work as : Bank’s Agent
21. Business Correspondent can be identified by whom?: BDO,Post Master, Head of Village
Panchayat, other BC.
22. Business correspondents for banking for : serving weaker sections of society
23. Call money deposit is part of the sector : Organised sector
24. Complaints under Consumer forum should be dealt with within (Where no testing of commodities
is required) : 90 days.
25. Customer OD A/c has overdrawn Rs 2000/-. Saving A/c has balance Rs 3000. The bank adjusts
the OD A/c by which right: Set off.
26. DD of Rs.50000/- in cash : not allowed
27. Death claim settlement in how many days?: 15 days
28. Deposits held in Joint accounts; b) Corporate Deposits; c)
Inter-Bank deposit; d) Deposits of HUFs: Ans is Inter-Bank deposits.
29. Deposits which are not claimed for__years are required to be transferred by banks to
RBI: 10 years
30. DICGC cover is available in which of the following cases a) Credit balance in Cash Credit Account
b) Overdue Deposit c) Deposit of Government Department?: A & B
31. Differential rate of interest can be paid on fixed deposit if single deposit is for: Rs.1.00 crore
and above
32. Direct Tax Code will replace which of the following – Income Tax Act, Corporate Tax Act: Income
Tax Act.
33. Encashment of FOR with interest – payment can be made in cash if it is less than Rs 20000
34. Financial Inclusion means: providing banking services at affordable cost to the poor/distressed.
36. Garnishee order is not applicable to: a) Savings b) Current c) FD d) CC/OD with debit
balance: CC/OD with debit balance.
37. Govt. has decided to demonetize all the coins of paise 25 and below w.e.f. 30-6-2011.
38. How much amount can be deposited in a small account in a financial year?: Rs one lac
39. How much amount can be withdrawn from a small account in a month?: Rs 10,000
40. If in Garnishee Order no amount is mentioned, what should the bank do? Full amount to be
41. If payment of Rs 20000/- is made in cash in case of FDR what is the penalty: equal to the
amount paid
42. Illiterate account holder, how many witness for nomination: two
43. In Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account in all their accounts taken together and the total credit in
all the accounts taken together is not expected to exceed _____ in a year has been simplified to
enable those belonging to low income groups without documents of identity and proof of
residence to open banks accounts: 1,00,000/-.
44. In case Fixed Deposits account the rate of interest fixed by whom: Board of Directors of
respective bank.
45. In case of a/c transfer, with in how many days the address proof has to be submitted in the
transferee branch? Six Months
46. In case of an illiterate customer, process of nomination requires witnesses by how many
persons?: Thumb impression requires 2 witnesses.
47. In case of Deposit Insurance whether it mandatory or not: It is Mandatory for all banks.
48. In case of Deposit Insurance, Insurance premium is paid to DICGC by bank and depositor in
which ratio?: Entirely by bank.
49. In case of insurance of deposits by DICGC, premium is paid by: Bank. 100% of the premium
is paid by the bank and not by depositor.
50. In case of insurance of deposits by DICGC, what is the premium sharing ratio between bank and
depositor?: 100% of insurance premium is paid by the bank.
51. In case of Minor what is wrong? Minor can make himself liable for his actions.
53. In how many years of no transaction does a saving and current account become inoperative? :
two years
54. In Limited liability Partnership what is the liability of partner?: Amount agreed to be
contributed by partner at the time of joining partnership.
55. In saving accounts, interest is calculated on the basis of: daily product basis.
56. In Senior Citizen Saving Scheme account, who can be joint account holder?:Spouse57. In small accounts as per RBI- No min. balance, nil/minimal charges etc
58. In small accounts monthly withdrawals to be upto- Rs.10000/-
59. Insurance of deposit is done by DICGC up to: Rs 1 lac per depositor per bank.
60. Interest rate on Saving Deposit is decided by : Banks individually
61. Interest rate on Savings accounts: Not regulated by RBI
62. Max amt for tax saver FD: Rs 150000
63. Maximum amount of deposit in Tax Saving Scheme of the bank can be: Rs 1,50,000
64. Maximum deposit for allocating a locker: 3 year advance rent plus locker breaking charges
65. Maximum period of NRE deposit: Bank Discretion.
66. Minimum and Maximum amount that can be deposited in PPF account is _____: Minimum Rs.
500/- & Maximum Rs. 1.50 lacs.
67. Minimum Lock in period for Tax saver FDR: 5 Years
68. Minimum Maturity Period for Certificate of Deposit is : 7 days
69. Missing person treated as having expired if missing for: 7 years
70. No Frills Accounts are opened for: Financial Inclusion
71. No of digits in Aadhar : 12
72. Non Resident (External) fixed deposit is normally accepted for a period of (a) 1 year to 3 year
(b) 1year to 5 year (c) 1 year to 4 year (d) 1 year to 7 year (e) 6 months to 3 year: 1 year to 3
year (As per RBI it is minimum 1 year and maximum bank discretion)
73. OD in PMJDY account upto: Rs. 5,000/-.
74. On a cheque presented for payment, amount is written in words but all other items are written in
Regional Language. What should the bank do?: Pay the cheque
75. Pensioner account can be opened jointly with? Spouse as Either of Survivor or Former or
76. Rate of Interest in Sukanya Samridhi Account for 2015-16: 9.20% & 8.6% FOR 2016-17
77. Relation between bank and judgment debtor: debtor & creditor.
78. Safe custody of Articles comes under which Act: Indian Contract Act.
79. Star series note can be issued in denomination of Rs 100 also. (earlier only Rs 10, 20 & 50)
80. Super senior citizen after: 80 years of age
81. The balance in the account is Rs 15000. A cheque of Rs 30000 was sent for collection. Before it
is realized a cheque for Rs 20000 has been presented for payment. What should the bank do –
(a) Return with reason effects not yet cleared. Present again; (b) Pay the cheque; (c) Return
with reason exceeds arrangement; (d) Return with reason Refer to Drawer; (e) Return with
reason Insufficient Funds: Insufficient Funds
82. The minimum & maximum period of certificate of deposit is : 7 days, 12 months
83. There is a credit balance in the saving account and there is a overdraft in the current account
amounting to Rs 555. Both accounts are in the same name. Bank wants to adjust credit balance
of saving bank account towards payment of overdraft. As per which right, bank can do this?:
Right of Set Off.
84. Under Sukanya Samridhi Account (SSA) the maximum period upto which the deposits can be
made is for ___ years from the date of opening of the account: 14 years
85. Under Sukanya Samridhi Account (SSA) the minimum amount of deposit is Rs 1,000 and Under
Sukanya Samridhi Account (SSA), the bank account will be opened for a girl child upto the age
of: 10 years
86. Under Sukanya Samridhi Account (SSA), the current rate of interest on deposits is which is the
highest amongst all other Govt. Saving Schemes: 9.20% & 8.6% FOR 2016-17
87. What are the Service charges for using ATMs of other banks for balance enquiries: Rs.20 for
Financial & Rs. 10 for Non- Financial upto 5 transactions ( 3 at Metros)
88. What documents are required for opening a small account?: Self attested photo and address
89. What is the bankers-customer relationship in case of deposits? Debtor – Creditor
90. What is the distance criteria for office of Business Correspondent?: The distance between the
place of business of a retail outlet/sub-agent of BC and the base branch should ordinarily not
exceed 30 kms in rural, semi-urban and urban areas and 5 kms in metropolitan centers.
91. What is the maximum amount of loan that can be granted against FCNR deposit? No limit.
92. What is the periodicity of review of risk classification of customers?: Every six months
93. What is the rate of interest payable on an overdue FD for overdue period if customer demands
payment and does not renew the same?: Saving Bank Rate
94. What is the special feature of Basic banking Account? Account can be opened with nil or very
small amount and there are no requirement of minimum balance.
95. What type of account can be opened in the name of NRI jointly with residents? NRO /NRE/FCNR

(earlier only NRO)
96. What type of activity can be performed by Business Correspondent – (a) processing and
submission of applications to banks; (b) disbursal of small value credit, (c) recovery of principal /
collection of interest (iv) collection of small value deposits: All of these
97. When a person wants to open an account with a bank but does not have proof of identification
and address, what type of account can be opened?: Small account
98. When Letter of Administration issued: When the person dies without leaving the Will- Intestate.
99. Whether “WILL” has to be registered? Not required.
100. Which form is used for cancellation of nomination in deposit accounts?: DA -2
101. Which is not a proof of Identity?: Ration card.
102. Which is the most important document for opening a Trust Account?: Trust Deed
103. Which of the following forms will be used for allowing exemption to a depositor aged 61 years
: Form 15 H
104. Which of these rates are periodically reviewed by RBI?: Repo rate, Bank rate, but not Savings
Bank Rate.
105. While opening account, a bank, in addition to observing various provisions of Indian Contract
Act should also – exercise utmost care and attention; look at profitability from account; exercise
due diligence: Due diligence
106. While opening the account with a bank, prospective customer is required to submit – PAN No
or Form 60 or 61
107. Who are eligible for preferential rate of interest under NRE deposits: a) Staff b) Senior citizen
c) Staff cum Senior Citizen d) none of these?: None of these
108. Who can do nomination in the account of a Minor?: Can be done by guardian not by
109. Who of the following can exercise nomination – HUF, limited company, trust, Partnership firm,
sole proprietorship firm?: Sole Proprietorship firm.

1. A document was executed by three partners in different dates. When shall the limitation period
start?: The limitation period will start from the last date i.e. when the document was executed by
the last partner
2. A minor who was admitted to the benefits of partnership has become major. Within how much
period, he has to decide to remain partner in the firm or not?: within 6 months of attaining
majority or 6 months of knowing that he is the partner in the firm whichever is later.
3. A partnership firm conducting business other than the banking business has more than 100
members as partners. Whether this is allowed?: Such association is called illegal association as
per Companies Act
4. Account payee crossing defined in:-Not defined any where
5. HUF cannot be partner in a Partnership firm: HUF does not have any legal entity.
6. Implied authority of a partner does not allow ______ singly? Settle a dispute relating to thebusiness of the firm thru arbitration.
7. In Limited Liability Partnership account, who are not eligible for becoming partners: a) HUF b)
Minor c) body corporate?: Ans: a & b
8. Outstanding in a CC account is Rs.2.00 lakhs. One of the partner died and the operations were
continued in the account by the bank inspite of notice of the death given to the bank. Later
2.50 lakh deposited and 1 lakh was withdrawn? What is liability of legal heirs of the deceased
partner: NIL as per Claytons rule.
9. Position of minor on attaining the majority: He has to give public notice within 6 months on
attaining majority as to whether he wants to become partner or not. If he remains silent it is
presumed that he has accepted to become the partner and he will be liable for all transactions
since he was admitted for the benefit of the partnership firms.
10. Reasons for avoiding advance to Un-Registered Partnership Firm: Firm can not sue against
anyone for recovery of its debts but anyone can sue against the firm.
11. The consequence of non registration of Partnership – firm cannot sue others for its dues.
12. The liabilities of partners in Partnership is: Joint and several
13. Who can not be full fledged partner: Minor
14. Who cannot become a partner in a firm as per supreme court judgment HUF firm as per supreme court judgment HUF Companies
1. A bank cannot acquire either as owner or as pledgee shares in a company more than:. 10 % of
paid capital of the company or 10% of the•paid up capital and reserves of the bank, whichever is
2. A limited company has registered office at Chennai whereas loan has been raised from bank
branch at Mumbai. The charge will be registered with the ROC at: Chennai
3. A private limited company with Registered office at Bangalore has raised loan from a branch
located at Mumbai. For creating equitable mortgage, title deeds can be deposited at: Mumbai,
Kolkatta, Chennal or any other notified place.
4. Board of Directors want to borrow money in excess of paid up capital and reserves of the
company: can be done through a resolution passed by shareholders in the general meeting
5. CIN in case of a company indicates: Corporate Identity Number.
6. Company is in liquidation, funds are at the disposal of : Liquidator
7. For formation of a company, Registrar of Companies will issue : certificate of incorporation
8. In the case of IPO, the company is required to allot shares or make refund within: 30 days of the
closure of the issue in case of fixed price public issues; 15 days in case of book built issues and
15 days in case of right issues
9. Objectives for which a company has been formed are given in: Memorandum of Association
10. On repayment of_debt of a company, satisfaction of charge shbuld be filed with ROC within: 30
11. The Articles of Association mention that the minimum quorum for passing a resolution is 5
directors. However a resolution is received which was signed by four directors only with a
request to open the current account: All the 5 Directors should sign the resolution for opening
of the account
12. The legal liability to file charges with ROC in case of lending to a Company is that of ______:
Borrowing Company
13. What is the Doctrine of Ultra Vires in the context of a limited company?: Any act by the directors
beyond the object of the company is considered ultra vires the company and company is not
bound by such act.
14.When a company is financed against the security of hypothecation or mortgage of its movable
property, the company is required to file particulars of charge with: Registrar of Companies
1. As per Right to Information Act (RTI), in how much time the information is to be provided to the
person seeking the information: 30 days.
2. In case of RTI, information related to life and liberty has to be provided within: 48 hrs.
3. While disposing-off the request under RTI Act, PIO is required to mention clearly the time limit of
_____ and address of the Appellate Authority to the complainant: 30 days.
1. 1. You are maintaining current account in the name of the Trust. You receive notice of death of
one of the trustees. After this notice, a cheque signed by the deceased trustee is presented for
payment. What should the bank do?: Cheque may be paid, if otherwise in order.
2. A Trust Deed is silent about loans by the trust. The trustee approaches for a loan. Under these
circumstances what should the bank do?: No loan can be raised
1. E TDS – 26Q (tax deduction other salaries) to be filed for the month of September, before: 15th
October (Statement of TDS to be submitted within 15 days from close of quarter)
2. In case of payment of rent on property, tax is deducted at source when the payment of rent is
likely to be more than Rs 180,000 per annum. The rate of TDS in case of rent payable to an
individual or HUF is: 10%
3. In which type of fixed Deposits Account TDS not deducted: NRE and FCNR(B) only.
4. Penalty for non submission e-TDS : Rs. 200 per day
5. Quarterly statement for TDS on salary should be submitted on form 24-Q within: 15days of the
close of the quarter
6. Tax is not deducted at source in respect of which of the following income – (a) Interest on Bank
deposits (b) Rent on land and building (c) Brokerage (d) Dividend paid by listed company:
Dividend paid by listed company (However Dividend u/s 2(22)(e) is taxable for shareholder and
thus TDS rate on such dividend is 10%
7. TDS collected to be deposited with the Income Tax Deptt within: 7th day of succeeding month
during which it is collected.
8. TDS deducted for interest amt: above Rs 10,000/-.
9. TDS deduction on interest more than 20,000/- under IT Act : Sec. 194A
10. TDS not deposited in time. What is the interest payable?: _Bank to pay the amount with interest
© 1.5% per month simple.
11. A customer aged 66 years has a term deposit in your branch. He does not want the TDS to be
deducted, which declaration form will you ask him to submit: 15-H
12. Citizen below 60yrs is required to fill which forms for non deduction of tax at source in case
interest credited or likely to be credited on FD in a financial year is more than Rs 10,000 –
15G/15H/Form 60/Form 61: 15G

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