BCSBI is framed as per?
Difference between mandate or POA
Loan against shares and debentures in demat and physical form
Half duplex
CBS networking
Stages of money laundering
Cyber banking
4p of marketing
Front end processor
Dumb computer
Lic assignment
Lien is implied pledge
2 Q on NPA
Death case of a partner in chq
Match pair in bank customer relation
Bank guarantee
Education loan
Daily limit of mobile banking transaction
CPU consists of
Bima yojna
Sarfaesi act
Currency issue by rbi
Problem on L C.
National payment corporation of India set up by?
Crop loan interest subvention rate? Upto which amount?
Soiled notes incentive per packet?
Safe custody relationship banker and customer?
Education loan covered under Priority sector upto limit
Credit gurantee for education loan upto what amount
Validity of agricultural loan
NRE NRO questions
Multi brand
Gorpher related qustion
KCC loan related qustion
Which of these control LAN traffic : Central Node, Firewall, Hub, Repeater
Validity of dpn in loan documents?
RBI has share of – central or state govt?
Market stabilisation scheme related to -sebi or RBI?
Does bank charge anything for activation of dormant charges?
What is kite flying in banking?
Minimum days for fixed deposits?
Provisioning norms for sub standard assets?
Which is a process of disaster recovery? prevention monitoring recovery or testing?
Bank should not sanction to a loan until 5 yr?
If it is in RBI defaulter list or bank declares wilfu l defaulter.
CIC can display name if loan os is 25 lakh and above? If account is doubtful or loss.
. Rbi prepare it’s monetary policy with- finance minister,dy governor,ED,governor
. KCC is for -short term crop production
To buy pumpset, to meet consumption pu rposes.
Rule of Clayton’s applicable in
Right to set-off or bank general lie n,particular lien.
Decline stage where-sale is stagnat and cost is fixed.
Mortgage where mortgagee promise to return if paid due amount-conditional
Why people will prefer bank- acc to service or location
Which doesn’t include in 4c-customers choice.
What improve product marketing-packaging,perishability.
A and B has former or survivor ac. A dies.legal heir of a claim.who will receive.
Basel 3 should have how many %risk weight age.-4.5%
How much % need for pan for agril advance?10%of anbc of off balance sheet items.

Directors of public company
Types of company
Doctrine of ultra vires
Punishment in money laundering
Sarfeasi act
Banking ombudsmen
Min and max no. Of members in private company
Minor account
Lost DD which doc obtained?
Urban co op bank regultd by
NSE charge
Prime minister atal pension yojana
How loan in KCC get NPA – Not paid after 2 crop session in short term. 1crop session in
long term crop session.
Cheque truncation
Payment bank
Robert lanterborns 4p & 4 cs
High attrition rate
Clayton’s rule
Provisioning in prio sector
Types of mutual funds
Types of LC
Network topology
Marketing mix
Purpose of marketing and pricing
Provision for standard loan sanctioned under SME
Right to Set off
Lien and charge
Minimum qualification for agri clinics
Is export credit part of priority sector
Is bill of landing negotiable instrument
What is the ombudsman within banks called
Power of attorney questions
Relational information systems
How bank use social media
Pos limit per day
Oldest net in india
Horizental merzer
Government shares in rbi
Priorty sector advances in micro enterprises
Simplex transmission
IT risk in company
Land mark in electronic fund transfer
Function of cibil
LAN connection
White Label ATM
Which is not a type of topology
Setoff of the customer who is having bad debt of some amt n having credit balance in
his deposit account at different branch
but your bank is not yet CBS operated what step need to taken
RBI can stop a branch on voilation of ?
Kisan credit card are issued to farmers for
Payment bank and small bank
Open market operation
Basel 3 norms
1. Relationship in Safe custody …… Ans – Customer – Bailor & Bank – Bailee
2. NRLM replaced …… Ans – Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) . The
scheme was succeeded by Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana on 25 September 2015.
3. Mortgage is defined in which act …… Ans – Transfer of Property Act 1882
4. RBI Nationalised in which year …… Ans – 1949
5. Area covered under LAN generally …… Ans – 15 0 Meters
6. Banking services in the realm of Wealth management are best delivered through ……
Ans – Face to face transaction
7. A fraud committed by a larg e number of customers on bank would basically result in
…… Ans – Reputation risk
8. KYC procedure for open ing small account has been simplified for those person not
having an officially valid document, the balance at any time should not exceeds Rs…….
and Credit should not exceeding …… Ans – 50000, 100000
9. In case of partnership one partner died then what will ha ppen in partnership? Ans –
Partnership firm dissolved
10. Function of RBI
11. Alliance and con tract
12. NPA Problem on prov isioning
13. Cr bal limit and transaction lim it for no frill accounts
14. Settlement of deposit for nominee
15. Half-Nest – Ans – Married with you ng children
16. Pillar – II – Ans – Supervisory Review Process
17. Basel – III
18. Question f rom Minor Account
19. Assessment of working capita l
20. Credit Monitoring
21. Agri Financing
22. Product Cycle
23. Marketing
23. SHG
24. Cred it Card
25. Off Balance Sheet items
26. Mutual Funds
27. NCPI
28. KYC N orms
29. Garnishee O rder
30. Banker’s Lien
31. Right to set o ff
32. Priority Sector A dvances
33. MSME
34. CD iss ued by?
35. 4c’s, 4p’s matc h the following
36. Monetary policy by?
37. Banks doing insuran ce bussiness under which act? Insurance Regulatory and
Development Authority Act
38. Customer bank relation match the following?
39. SHG withdrawal must be signed by?
40. You have paid rs.40000 in business h ours for a customer. The account has balance
of 200000 remaining. U received garnishee order after business hours of Rs. 250000.
What would you do?
41. BG issued by you r bank. What is your bank?
42. NPCI Was introduced by?
43. Short term agriculture lon e becomes NPA for how much time? Ans – 2 crop season
44. Which is not comes under direct agriculture advance?
45. What is the first stage in new product development?
46. Mortgage is definitely need under which Act?
47. Write appropriate ans about RBI. Ans – RBI is started Apr 1. under RBI act
48. BASEL 2 consists of ?
49. What is the second st age In Kyc?
50. CC sanctioned based on Wt Proce dure.
51. If Banks not maintain min CRR requirem ent what is the penality?
52. What are the capital market instruments?
53. A bond which will issue below the face va lue? Ans – Discount bonds
54. What are the provisions for Doubtful assets 3? Ans – Secured – 40% , Unsecured –
55. A & B are joins holder of FDR. If A died then what will happen to the FDR? Ans –
The surviving holder may claim the rights over deposit.
56. BANKNET uses which switching? Ans – Packet switic hing
57. Simplex transmission. Ans – Transmitting data only in on e direction
58. Mr A who is resident of outside India. His grand parents are Indians . Then A called
as ……
59. Rev olving LC
60. Once mortga ge created it has to register with whom?
61. Loan against term deposit on the name of minor
62. Paying bank protection of NI act..
63. How much loan sanction as educat ion loan of courses in India.
64. About marketing mix and 4p’s total 3 questions

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